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Sandeep Patil at Sandeep Patil & Co

Advocating Justice, Inspiring Change:

Embarking on a journey that transcends legal boundaries, Sandeep Patil stands as a beacon for justice and an inspiration for change. As a distinguished High Court & Supreme Court Advocate, he navigates the intricate realms of law with unwavering commitment to integrity.

Personal Background:

Sandeep Patil, a distinguished High Court & Supreme Court Advocate, was born on the 14th of July 1979 in Hanagal, Haveri District. His journey into the realms of justice and service began at Sri Ramakrishna Vidyashala, Mysore, where he received his early education. Sandeep continued his academic pursuit with a Bachelor's in Commerce from Karnataka University and a Bachelor of Law from Bangalore University. His legal journey officially commenced when he enrolled as an Advocate with the Karnataka State Bar Council in 2004.

Legal Career:

Trained in the chambers of Sri Ashok Haranahalli, former Advocate General for Karnataka, Sandeep Patil has played a pivotal role in numerous legal battles. His dedication and legal acumen were particularly evident in the legal battle of the 17 MLAs case, contributing significantly to the formation of the BJP Government in Karnataka in 2019. Sandeep has been a familiar face in the corridors of justice, attending to cases at the Supreme Court of India, High Court of Karnataka, Tribunals, Civil Courts, Consumer Forums, and more. His expertise spans across various legal domains, including cases under the Indian Constitution, Company Law, Banking Law, Hindu Law, and Criminal Law.

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